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St. Patricks day is know for its green beer. The only problem is that most bars serve really bad beer...then they make it green. So I want to show how to make your own green beer so you can make it with good quality beer. ...

How Do You Make Green Beer?

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Its March. That means that St. Patricks Day is on the way. Therefore we want to share with you how to pour a Guinness Beer from a can. This widget wonder has brought the beauty of Guinness to the home. But there is a ...

How to pour a Guinness?

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This has got to be one of my favorite beer infographics to date.  I like it so much, you can see a copy of it on the wall of my beer fridge every week on Beer Tip of the Week.    This infographic gives you a breakdown ...

The World of Beer [Infographic]

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A recent trend with craft brewers is to actually put their beers in a can.  Watch this week to find out why you don't need to be afraid of this fact.  We show you the reasons it's good to have your beer from a can and how ...

How do you drink beer from a can?

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What is Bock beer?  Well other than being one of my favorite styles of beer, it is a dark colored sweet lager that is lightly hopped and high on the ABV (6-7%).  But Bock hasn't always been as we know it. The style ...

What is Bock Beer?

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While the majority of your taste actually comes from your sense of smell, you would still be in a lot of trouble if it wasn't for your tongue.  The following infographic will probably give you more information about the ...

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Human Tongue [Infographic]

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What is the one thing that beer connoisseurs do to enjoy their beer more. While things might vary between each one, there is one key truth between each one. They drink with intention and take notes on their beer. Learn ...

Why Should You Take Notes.

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I just have to say that I love Beer Mugs (or Seidel as it is known in Germany).  I love the feeling that you get holding one in your hand.  There is something about this iconic glassware that just makes it feel right ...

What is a Beer Mug (Seidel or Stein)?

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While perusing the internets, I came across this infographic done by The Oatmeal.  I can think of several more things that should be on this, but it's pretty awesome as is.  Even better is that the guy that created it ...

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer [Infographic]

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Valentines Weekend is upon us. Now I know all of you have made big plans for this weekend. You've ordered flowers, reservations are made for the spa, and you have a small box with something sparkly on the inside...but what ...

How Do You Make Beer Fondue?

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This weeks Beer 101 is a very helpful infographic I came across a little while back.  Sometimes the world of beer can be little confusing if you you're new to it.  I like it because it gives you all this information in one ...

Learn the Language of Beer [Infographic]

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We're back BABY!!!!!  It's been over two years since the last Beer Tip of the Week, but we are back and with a vengeance.  This week we give you EIGHT tips for setting up a drink table at your next party.  Most of us are ...

8 Tips for Setting Up Your Drink Table

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