What is a Beerean?

Beerean [bɪər-iÉ™n] – noun

Someone who wants to do more than just drink beer.  They want to enjoy it.  They want to grow in their knowledge of beer.


Do you take guest posts?

Yes I do. I don’t pay for them though. If you have a guest post that you would like to submit, you can reach me through my contact form.  If you have your own blog, I will give you full credit in your post.

How often do you post?

For now, I’m trying to do at least 2-3 posts a week.

What is your favorite beer?

I have to say without a doubt that it is Shiner Bock. I actually didn’t start out liking beer (please don’t give someone a Coors as their first beer…it stunted my beer growth for 6 years…but maybe that was a good thing).  Shiner Bock was the first beer that I tried and actually liked. It is the beer that started my love for all beer (well almost all beers).

Why the ads?

I love beer, and I love helping other grow in their knowledge of beer.  If I could do this as my full time job, I would.  So that is what I’m trying to do.  Therefore, I have to make money from this blog somehow.

Where can I send you any other questions that you haven’t answered already?

You can send them to me through my contact form.