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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 10 – How to store your beer – Part 2

Happy 4th of July everyone. This week we took a look at what temperature to store your beer to keep it from losing flavor. I think we can all agree that the easiest is to just keep it in a nice cold refrigerator. But what about those times when you can’t store it in your fridge (like when your frig is already full of beer)?

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 9 – How to Store Beer – Part 1

For next three weeks, we are going to learn some simple tips for how to store your beer. This week we take a look at how light affects your beer while it is being stored.

The simplest thing to remeber when it comes to storing your beer is tha

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 8 – To Chill or Not to Chill

Here is the reality. Most beers are served too cold and this is a bad thing. I remember growing up and seeing signs at the local bars that said, “Coldest beer in town.” The only problem with this is that most beers aren’t meant to be served at super frigged levels. By drinking your beer extremely cold, it does two things.

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 7 – Survival Beer Bottle Opener

This week we learn a simple trick for how to open a beer bottle with a lighter.

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Baby Update
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Air Bag + Face = Pain
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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 6 – Keep it the Same Style Stupid

I know most people have heard about the KISS method (Keep is Simple Stupid). I’m going to call this the KISSS method. My friend Mario shared this concept with me the other night when we got a few drinks together.

He said any time that you go out to get a few drinks to stay with the same style of beer. This will allow you to distinguish the different flavors in a beer from one brand to ano

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 5 – The four flavors of beer.

When you taste beer there are four basic flavors that come out. These aren’t the only flavors in a beer. The taste of a beer can be as simple as a small strings ensemble or as complex as a full orchestra. But the four predominant flavors in a beer are malty, bitter, sour, and skunky.

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 4 – The Smell is Swell

Welcome back all my fellow beer drinkers out there. Before we got into the tip this week I introduced you to Gonzo Imperial Porter from the Flying Dog Brewery. It might not have been my cup of tea, but this porter is a 2005 Silver Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival (although it didn’t get any ribbons). So give it a chance yourself.

This tip is just a short one for those who are looking for the full experience of their beer. If you remember from

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 3 – Taste, Taste, Taste

A lot of what I have learned about beer has come friends, podcasts, and the One of the greatest tips I ever learned was from the podcast It is as follows, it takes three drinks of a beer to really know if you like it (I know I said it was my method in the video. That was a slip and I’m sorry).

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 2 – Pour Equals More

In the last Beer Tip of the Week, I told you why you need to drink you beer from a glass, but how are you suppose to pour your beer into that glass?

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Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 1 – Use a Glass

For those of you who have been waiting since yesterday afternoon, here is the inaugural Beer Tip of the Week. I know you have been waiting, hoping, and praying for this day. Well it has finally come. For my very first tip, I’m going to give you the tip that changed the world of beer as I know it forever.

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