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This weeks Beer 101 is a very helpful infographic I came across a little while back.  Sometimes the world of beer can be little confusing if you you're new to it.  I like it because it gives you all this information in one ...

Learn the Language of Beer [Infographic]

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I had the chance the other day to sit down with Greg Mays. Greg is the author of Simple Cocktails at Home and a Christian.  He is a local Albuquerque guy.  We originally met through theBeerean and now we go to church ...

Interview with Greg Mays of

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What is ABV? I might be a little weird, but I like to read beer labels.  It's amazing how much information can be found on the side of a bottle of beer.  I love to read how brewers like to describe their beer. ...

What is ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and how is it determined?

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With the Superbowl being only six days away, I thought I would share with you a little video of something you could make for the big day. A BEER FRIDGE CANNON!!!! This thing is awesomeness wrapped in rainbows and dipped in ...

Mini Fridge Beer Cannon of AWESOMENESS!

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As the name states, a wiezen glass is designed to make drinking wiezen (wheat) beers more enjoyable.  Often confused as pilsner glasses, wiezen glasses have a lot of the same characteristics.  They are tall ...

Beer Glassware – Wiezen Glasses

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So I just recently inherited a kegerator from a friend of a friend.  This might sound weird to some, but I actually got it as a ministry opportunity.  This summer I'm planning on hosting several BBQ's and poker ...

What should I put in my kegerator?


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What are hops?  You hear about them all the time in the world of beer.  You hear about beers that have double the hops.  There are even tripple hop beers now too.  It's one of the basic ingredients of beer, but it seems ...

What are hops?

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So you go to a party, BBQ, family gathering etc, and you bring beer, along with some other people doing the same. In my circle of friends we really like beer, I mean good beer...expensive beer. Quite often I find myself ...

Who Gets The Beer?

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[vimeo][/vimeo] Beer Tip of the Week - Episode 16 - What to do with bad beer? from Greg Qualls on ...

What do you do with bad beer?

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