20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer [Infographic]

While perusing the internets, I came across this infographic done by The Oatmeal.  I can think of several more things that should be on this, but it’s pretty awesome as is.  Even better is that the guy that created it also sales posters of this infographic.

P.S. I have to say that I’m with the Babylonians on the whole drowning in beer idea.  I’m ready to start an internet email spam petition for a few brewers that I know.


  • http://danielsparks.com Daniel Sparks

    Greg, I’m enjoying the new content on the site. However, the expletives in this infographic are a turn off. I think it’s below the dignity of what you are trying to do here. I hope you’ll reconsider posting things of this nature.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry you feel that way Daniel. Thanks for bringing it up. While I feel that God has redeemed and sanctified my language over time, I’m not really affected by the language of others. I’ll make sure to avoid this in the future.

      It’s great to see you on the site. It’s nice seeing some Beerean Alumni on here!

  • Wgwerghop

    Lame, another copy and paste of others’ content. Where is the originality? Come-on!!!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry you feel that way Wgwerghop. “On The Internet” is a weekly post I do sharing things that I’ve found “On the Internet.” Other than that, every other post on this site is original. Plus I’m always looking for guest posts. So if you want to add to the original content, you can email me any articles you have written to greg[at]thebeerean.com.