8 Tips for Setting Up Your Drink Table

We’re back BABY!!!!!  It’s been over two years since the last Beer Tip of the Week, but we are back and with a vengeance.  This week we give you EIGHT tips for setting up a drink table at your next party.  Most of us are going to be hosting some form of football event this Sunday.  Use one or all of these tips for your Super Football Extravaganza.

  • http://www.two10eleven.com Brook Sarver

    I think we should see a Beer tip of the week on those survival situations when there isn’t a bottle opener around. I know you’ve done the lighter survival opener back in the day, but there are some other good ones. I prefer to use where the door latches inside of a door way. You can simple use that square hole as a lever. I’ve also opened a beer using another beer. Just prying against each other… And I’m sure there are more… We should never be without proper knowledge and skills when in a tough situation like losing your bottle opener.