Learn the Language of Beer [Infographic]

This weeks Beer 101 is a very helpful infographic I came across a little while back.  Sometimes the world of beer can be little confusing if you you’re new to it.  I like it because it gives you all this information in one nicely presented place.   It also gives some different terminology for different areas of the world.  Hope you like it as much as I do.

Learn the Language of Beer (Infographic)
Source: Pimsleur Approach

  • http://www.two10eleven.com Brook Sarver

    Awesome graphic! I’m gonna forward the site on to some old college buddies of mine. Hopefully we’ll see some more conversation around these parts…

    And, I had never heard of a Red Rocket Ale… Ever tried one? I’d be interesting in reading that beer review…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah people are slowly showing up again. We don’t have the conversation like we use to…yet.

      This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Red Rocket Ale. I’m going to have to look around and see if I can find any. Speaking of which…have you come across anything interesting in Thailand?

      • http://www.two10eleven.com Brook Sarver

        There is a huge import tax on all alcohol so pretty much all you can get here in Thailand (in terms of beer) comes from one of one of two major brewing companies. We’re starting to see some more micro-breweries/local breweries open up, but the few that I’ve tasted were awful! You can find San Miguel (and San Miguel Light) along with Heineken in abundance in Thailand, but that’s because they are actually bottled here in the country (avoiding the steep liquor import tax)… American light beers are pretty much non-existent. But then again, if they were here, I’m not sure I’d pay $15 for a Bud Light! Most of the Thai beers are lagers and about 5% Alcohol by volume…

        I know you can find Thai Singha Beer in the US in a few places, so keep your eyes open if you are interested in trying one…