What is a Beer Mug (Seidel or Stein)?

I just have to say that I love Beer Mugs (or Seidel as it is known in Germany).  I love the feeling that you get holding one in your hand.  There is something about this iconic glassware that just makes it feel right to drink out.

It might be something connected with my childhood. I remember being a kid and going to an A&W Root Beer with my grandpa and getting a root beer float in a frosted mug.  Or it might be that the beer mug has it’s roots in beer history.  It is modeled after the oldest of beer glassware…the stein.

A beer stein is the oldest known beer drinking glass.  The stein is basically a stone mug with a lid (added to the glass during the Black Plague to keep flies from falling in your beer).  Today the beer mug and stein are cousins.

Like the pint glass, the beer mug is a work horse of the beer drinking world.  This cylinder shaped glass is heavy, very stable, and has a handle (which makes it easier to clink two together when singing).  You can drink everything from an Amber Ale to a Oatmeal Stout out of a beer mug, and sizes range from 12oz to 22oz to 1 liter (that’s equivalent to half a six pack).

While you can’t stack them, you can hang them from hooks.  Otherwise they will take up a considerable area on your shelf.  But it is well worth it in the long run.  So go get yourself some beer mugs, swing them in the air, and sing for joy at the top of your lungs.

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