Beer Glassware – Wiezen Glasses

As the name states, a wiezen glass is designed to make drinking wiezen (wheat) beers more enjoyable.  Often confused as pilsner glasses, wiezen glasses have a lot of the same characteristics.  They are tall and slender….and um….made out of glass and hold beer.  Ok that’s about it.

Everything else is different about wiezen glasses.  Wiezen glasses are larger than pilsner glasses.  While most pilsner glasses hold 12oz of beer, a wiezen glass will actually hold close to 17oz.  The larger glass is actually designed to give you more room for the head of the beer though.  Wheat beers are known for being very “foamy.”  Therefore they need a larger glass to accommodate for a larger head on the beer.

Wiezen glasses are also always curved.  Some are more curved than others and therefore have a distinct hourglass shape. While some pilsner glasses will be curved, wiezen glasses actually tapper back in at the top.  This is to hold the citric and fruity aromas of the wiezen beer in better.

Overall the wiezen glass is a very classy glass.  It’s distinct characteristics help to make any beer look good, but it’s really going to make your wheat beer drinking experience shine.

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