What should I put in my kegerator?

So I just recently inherited a kegerator from a friend of a friend.  This might sound weird to some, but I actually got it as a ministry opportunity.  This summer I’m planning on hosting several BBQ’s and poker tournaments at my house to get to know my neighbors.  Nothing is a better conversation starter than a nice cold one.  So I got the kegerator as an opportunity to always have some beer on tap.

I’m going to get my first keg of beer next week.  So I need your help.  If you were in my place, what beer would you get?  Do you get a popular domestic beer (Bud, Bud Light, Coors, etc.) that everyone is going to know?  This goes against every bone in my body.  Or do you get a good transitional beer that they might not know, but the flavor is smooth enough that it won’t through them off?  Do you just get a beer you love so your passion for beer comes out to share in conversation?

Also, do you have any tips or tricks I need to know about having my own kegerator?

  • http://www.fingertoe.com/blog Josh Reighley

    Homebrew! A lot of folks may not like it, but everyone will try it, and most will pretend.

    If I where to get a commercial keg, I would probably go with something like Alaskan Amber.. Something that is drinkable by most, but not so rice based that it bores people who really like beer.

    You have any brewpubs in your area that sell kegs?

    • gregqualls

      I've thought about doing a homebrew at some point. The kegerator actually has the space for two kegs (1/4 and a 1/2). But I'm just looking to buy one for now.

      There is a local brewery (http://www.marblebrewery.com/) that I love, but I already have two empty kegs that I want to use so I don't have to pay a deposit. I like Alaskan Amber. So that would be good.

      So I guess you would say I don't need to buy a domestic beer?

  • http://blazeonline.org Carlos

    Amber Nut Ale by Santa Fe brewing Co. Dude it's an awesome beer.

    • gregqualls

      I'm going to have get my hands on a case of that now. That's the second time you're recommended it. I don't know if they will offer that in a keg at my local liquor store though.

  • http://www.two10eleven.com Brook Sarver

    I'd say a transitional beer or local brew. As much as I'd love sitting around a keg of nice, dark beer, your normal beer drinker (rather than beer lover), may not be into it that much. That doesn't mean to you have to stoop to the level of filling it with PBR, either!

    • gregqualls

      Yeah the more I think about it I'm going to try to get a local brew. The only problem is that I have two empty kegs that I don't think I'll get a deposit back on (they were given to me). So I would have to drop and extra $100 just for the deposit. But in the end, it will probably be worth it.

  • http://www.nikao.ws Vince

    I'd go transitional and since it's summer look at:

    Fat Tire
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    or Newcastle

    I think most people that are used to fascist beer can get down with those.

  • http://fromthepew.blogspot.com Fromthepew

    Take a survey of the type of people you'd be serving. :)