So how do start a blog up again?  What should your first “real” post be about?  I started on April 20th, 2008 with one simple thought in mind.  There needs to be a blog for Christians who like beer.  My ultimate hope with the blog would be that:

God stirs in His people to redeem the world of beer for His glory and that people might come to know His Son, Jesus, as their ultimate treasure and salvation.

It was a lofty vision statement, but I still stand by it.  This blog ultimately isn’t about beer.  It’s about Jesus.  More clearly…it’s about how we can use our beer to worship Jesus. This blog isn’t another Christian ghetto for you to avoid the world.  Instead I hope to show you a different perspective on beer…a truly Christian perspective.  As I’ve grown over the past two years, I see even more clearly how this is possible.  I also see four distinct areas in our lives that we are called to use our beer with a purpose.

Gospel Identity

We are called to not find our identity in beer, beer knowledge, or drinking capacity.  Our identity is to be found in Jesus.  Any other identity we try to hold on to is ultimately worthless in comparison.


We are worshippers.  There is no way around it.  Human beings were created to worship.  Therefore we will either worship creation or Creator.  So you will constantly be hearing point you to worship our Creator with one of his best creations…beer.


God lives in community.  The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit live for all eternity in community.  Therefore if we want to image them like we are suppose to, we mus also be in community.  So why not do it with a nice cold one.


This is probably the drum the you’ll hear me beat the loudest.  We are a people who are sent on a mission.  God gave us beer to enjoy, to worship Him with, to be in community with others…but we are ultimately called to share the joy that can be found in Jesus with those that are hurting in this world.  I have always and will always see beer as a great tool that has been given to us.  We must use it wisely.

So how do you restart a blog?  You go back to the basics.  What are you about?  What is in your heart?  This is my passion.  Will you join me?