Who Gets The Beer?

So you go to a party, BBQ, family gathering etc, and you bring beer, along with some other people doing the same. In my circle of friends we really like beer, I mean good beer…expensive beer. Quite often I find myself spending ten bucks on a killer oatmeal stout that BevMo scored a 94 and another twelve on something that looks really cool that I haven’t tried. It gets competitive. Everyone wants to be the guy that brings the best beer.

This set-up usually leaves a lot of leftovers.

So the question is: Who gets the beer?

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    Unfortunately, I haven’t ran into this problem. I’m usually the rouge person bringing beer to the party (yet everyone wants to drink it :) ). But I would say you should trade them like baseball cards at the end of the night. Could turn into some fun negotiating (especially after a few cold ones).

  • http://www.kamenlee.com Kamen

    I like your idea Greg… I rarely, if ever, have that problem. We had a Christmas party last December and ended up with a fridge full of mediocre wine and domestic beer…. and no one took any with them… we still have some in there now…

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  • http://thankheavenforbeer.com nathan

    uh, never seen a scenario play out like that. I would take home what I bought, were there any left.

  • http://www.claytonbellonline.com Clayton Bell

    I like Greg’s idea. Unfortunately, I lie in the south where Christians don’t drink beer at their parties. Blasphemy, I know.

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    Vince the more I think about your problem…the more I wish I had your problem man….to much beer…I really don’t think that is a problem at all…

  • http://www.nikao.ws Vince

    Yes the beer swap at the end of the gathering is a great thing. I find that we all go home happy and you never know what you might end up with.

    it is a good problem

  • http://fromthepew.blogspot.com Steve Scott

    I had an in-law once that would bring Lucky Lager Lite, or some such other sub-par beer, to a party, put it in the fridge, then drink all the good beer. I wish I had your problem. I might be able to answer the question.

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  • http://www.nikao.ws Vince

    @steve // I read this in a Lucky Lager review just now –

    “The head is lacking due to poor retention. Wet hay aroma, not much else … perhaps a bit of cooked corn. Thin blanket of astringency covers the palate for the most part. Small amount of hop bitterness shows no flavor. Creamed corn flavor dominates the finish”


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