What do you do?

I mentioned on Twitter last night that my beer supply is dangerously low, and my paycheck is a ways off. This seems to be a trend in my life here lately. I either run out of beer or like this week the beer I have isn’t that tasty (three bottles of Newcastle that went bad and a couple of beers from a variety pack that aren’t my favorite styles).

So here is my question to you guys, what do you do in this situation? Do you go without? Switch to hard liquor? Bum off your friends? Beg in the streets?  What do you do when your house suddenly become dry?

  • http://www.dsimmer.com Dean


    First, I weep. Then I sit in the corner and think that everyone and everything is out to get me. And I don’t go to work for days.

    Seriously though, I invite a friend or two over for dinner and tell them “you pick up some beer, I’ll have everything else.” Works every time. And there is always the bottle of Scotch in the back cupboard to help bide the time.

  • http://www.fingertoe.com josh r

    You ever hear of Pabst Blue Ribbon? Lucky Lager?

    Just kidding of course. I am lucky enough to be able to go without without being too disrupted.

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  • http://fredwick.com Fred

    Hi Greg,
    I just stumbled on to your site last night while looking for some info on beer glassware. I really like your format.

    As for your question, I’d go without. Either that, or try to get a drinking buddy to take pity on you and bring you something tasty to drink. I feel dirty every time I’m forced to drink macro lager – it’s not worth lowering your standards. :)

    Also, I’d love to see a tip about glassware. I’ve just started collecting (about 30 glasses, mostly pints, a few pilsners and one or two goblets) and would welcome some info about how the different styles of glasses rank in order of practical use.


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  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    @Dean – That is some smooth thinking. I might have to use that one this week. Now I have to see if I have enough food to feed them.

    @Josh R – It’s one of those I don’t crave it that bad until I can’t have it. I really don’t drink a whole lot…but I really miss it when I can’t have it.

    @Fred – Welcome to theBeerean.com! I think I’m going to try that tonight. I’m going over to a friends house while Shannon takes the night off. So I think I’m going to bum some beer off him.
    I’ll look into the tip on glassware practicality for the future. I’m slowly working through each glass in my Beer 101 segments…but I nice Beer Tip of the Week cover them all might work well. Thanks for the idea.

  • http://www.gordansplace.blogspot.com Gordan

    Times like these, you might think about going all pious.

    No, wait! Hear me out.

    You don’t have any beer, so you might as well turn your suffering to some good by fasting from food as well. It’s tough to fast when you’ve got cold ones in the frig, let’s just be honest. So you fast now and then break your fast with even greater thankfulness later. See, the key to it all is scheduling.

    Love the blog by the way.

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  • http://www.ClaytonBellOnline.com Clayton Bell


    Not drink? Close my eyes and rock slowly in a ball in a dark corner?

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    @Gordan – Funny you said that…last year for lint I gave up food (it didn’t last), but I would drink juices and smoothies. I also had beer every now and then until a Jewish friend pointed out that beer was considered a whole food and therefore breaking a fast. It broke my heart.

    @Clayton – yeah…I’ve become very familiar with the dark corner in my house.

  • http://www.two10eleven.com/blog Brook Sarver

    Hmmm… usually I try to go without. I’ve been stuck without one too many times, though, and now try to plan/pace myself better. If I happen to run dry on a Sunday I usually pull the “Honey, let’s go out to eat for dinner” card. Nothing like a wet burrito and a Negro Modelo…

    Brook Sarver

  • http://jeremyboles.com/ Jeremy Boles

    Sounds like you might enjoy homebrewing. Generally you brew in 5 gallon batches, which equals about 48 of the 12 oz. bottles. Since you bottle condition the beer to carbonate it, there is a small about of yeast in the bottle (most breweries filter that stuff out) that actually helps improves the flavor as it sits there. I have a about 120 bottles currently “cellared” so I always have great beer on hand.