Beer Glassware – What is a Pilsner Glass?

If you were only able to buy one kind of beer glass, I would recommend getting a pint glass.  But next on my list would be a pilsner glass. In fact, I don’t even own a pint glass right now. I only own pilsner glasses (my wife has promised me she is going to remedy this very shortly :) ).

In my opinion, pilsner glasses are the high class glasses of beer drinking. They’re the champagne glass of beer glasses (although there are some beers that are supposed to be drank in champagne glasses…but i don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to do that).

Pilsner glasses are tall slender glasses that have a straight taper from top to bottom (opposed to a wheat beer glass that has a curve in the tapper). A pilsner glass holds a little less than a pint glass with sized in the 250 ml and 330 ml.

Pilsner glasses are made to showcase the color, effervescence, and clarity of the pilsner, as well as to maintain a nice head. – Wikipedia

These glasses are designed to showcase pilsners of course, but they can handle so many other styles of beer including various types of lagers and my favorite…bocks.  For a full list of beer styles that work with pilsner glasses check out

So if you don’t own a pilner glass, I would recomend it be the next glass added to your collection.

  • Brad Ruggles

    Yeah, so far I’ve just got some pint glasses. I need to grow my collection.

    Brad Ruggless last blog post..Becoming A Yardstick of Excellence

  • Clayton Bell

    That’s the exact glass I just got! Sweet, I’m on the right track!

  • GregQualls

    Yeah Shannon’s mom work for Williams Sonoma…so next week we are going to pimp out my beer glass collection. I need them for Beer Tip of the Week.

  • Fred

    Great tip, but you forgot to mention that beer just seems to taste better when you drink it from its’ intended style of glassware, and better still if you’ve got logo glassware for that specific beer.

    Freds last blog post..Strange Cisco ASA ARP reply behavior

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