I end each Beer Tip of the Week with the verse, “whether you eat or drink, do it all to the glory of God.”  But what does that mean…how do we drink to the glory of God? How can someone be a God glorifying beer drinker.  I hope that I have given you some insight into this arena here already, but I hope to be more focused on this topic over the next few weeks in a series on the God glorifying beer drinker (I honestly have no idea how many posts I’ll do on this).

Here is my major concept that I live by (most of the time). There are things in this world that can be used to either do evil or do good.  Photography, sex, sleeping, running, watching tv, graphics design, surfing the net, eating and drinking are all neutral in and of themselves.  Therefore they can be used to either glorify God or drag His name through the mud.  Therefore I want to try to use everything in my life to glorify God.  I want everything that is neutral in my life to be used to point myself and others to Jesus.

But the major question is how do we do this?  How do I drink beer to the glory of God?  I have some major thoughts on this, but before I start posting on this I want to pose this question to you….do you glorify God with your drinking?  Have you even thought about how to glorify God with your passion for beer?  Do you think it is even possible?