How do you clean your beer glass?


Beer Tip of the Week gives tips that focus on the entire beer drinking experience. We focus on tips for everything from buying your beer (coming in a future episode) to cleaning your glasses when you’re done.  This episode focuses on the later.

I learned this little trick for how to clean my beer glasses just recently.  Before I came across bottle brushes I was trying my best to get a rag down to the bottom of my glasses.  Now I simple use a bottle brush.  I honestly thought having a kid would hinder my drinking experience…but I was wrong.



  • Kevin Davis

    What about just using the dishwasher? Thanks for the tips though Qualls.

    Kevin Daviss last blog post..Stories told by Sand…

  • GregQualls

    That’s a great idea. But my pilsner glasses don’t fit in the dish washer. Probably another reason pint glasses are so good.

  • Clayton Bell

    We use Munchkin, and haven’t had any of them break. Perhaps the error lies somewhere else…

    I think a alot of parents are more into beer after having a kid, just not in this way. Good times!

  • Clayton Bell

    My wife just cleaned my brand-new pilsener glasses with a bottle brush for me.

    Yeah, she’s a keeper…

  • brian townsend

    Just curious… after you wash out the beer glass with your kid’s bottle brush do you wash the brush or let your kid enjoy the flavor of hops in his/her baby formula… he might get a small buzz… but depending on whether Jesus did or not this might be OK… or not… smiles!.

  • Jason

    I have never ever washed my glass the night I drank from it. Always sits around sometimes till I want to use it again the next night. Its a good idea to use the appropriate glass for the style of beer you are drinking, but I stop using pilsner glasses because they always became broken around my house. After replacing two sets I gave up. I now simply use a good sturdy glass beer mug. A lot like those A@W root beer mugs. You can drop them on a cement floor and they won’t break.