Beer Glassware – What is a Pint Glass?

When I think about going out and getting a nice cold-one, I always picture it in a Pint Glass.  In my mind, the pint glass is the most universal of all beer glasses.  Almost every bar I’ve been in….actually ever bar I’ve been in uses a pint glass to serve their beer in it.

There are a lot of reasons why the pint glass might be so popular.  They are cheap to make, easy to store, easy to drink out of, and are not as fragile as other glassware. The pint glass seems to be the workhorse of the beer glass world.

The pint glass is characterized by it’s nearly cylindrical shape with a wide-mouth and a slight taper from top to bottom.  It comes in two standard sizes. The 16-ounce is the most common, but the 20-ounce would be more popular (obviously).  A 20-ounce pint glass can be recognized by the slight ridge towards the top of the glass which helps with handling and stacking.

The list of beer styles that are good in a pint glass is quite long.  Name a beer and it’s probably going to work well with a pint glass. This is why I would recomend any person wanting to start their beer glass collection should start with pint glasses.

  • Brad Ruggles

    I only have about 4 beer glasses so far and they are all pint glasses. I’d love to expand my collection but like you said, the pint glass works well for just about any beer.

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  • GregQualls

    I actually don’t own any pint glasses at this time. But they are next on my list. I have a couple of pilsner glasses (which is why that is all you see me drinking out of in BTotW).

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