Beer Bottle Labels

Today is going to be short and sweet. Have you ever wondered why once your beer bottle gets a little sweaty the label will pull right off (on about 90% of beer bottles).  This is because they are designed to come off.

The beer bottling process as we know it today (including the adding of labels) was created in Europe.  Since Europeans aren’t as wasteful as the U.S., they wanted to be able to reuse their bottles (this is also why some beer bottles have reusable stoppers).  So they used a water soluble glue to put their labels on the bottles.  When the tasty beverage was consumed, the label was removed and the bottle was cleaned and reused.  The process continues on today.

  • Brook Sarver

    I honestly had no idea why that happened. I just thought they were skimping on glue to save money…

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