Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 9 – How to Store Beer – Part 1


For next three weeks, we are going to learn some simple tips for how to store your beer.  This week we take a look at how light affects your beer while it is being stored.

The simplest thing to remeber when it comes to storing your beer is that light is evil.  Sunlight, floresent light, and incondesent light will all cause you beer to change flavor and become skunked. The hops in beer releases an oil that is sensitive to light in a negative way.  Therefore light is bad.

Until next time, wheter you eat or drink do it all to the glory of God.

  • Brad Ruggles

    Wow, only 5-10 seconds in light can change the flavor? I didn’t know that.

    Brad Ruggless last blog post..When Good Intentions Lead To Bad Decisions

  • GregQualls

    yeah I read an article on that from a beer expert…but I don’t know how much I buy the time frame. It might be with just certain beers…I would think the more hops in the beer, the more likely that is.

  • CJ Mills

    Thanks for the tip bro! Always look forward to these.

    CJ Millss last blog post..Asher And Adobe Lightroom

  • Clayton Bell

    Wait, I have a question…

    How am I supposed to pour a beer into a glass and not let it get skunky in light?

  • GregQualls

    @Clayton That’s a very good question…Like I told Brad…I think the 5-10 seconds is more for beers that have a very high hops content (it’s the oil from the hops that is sensitive to light). I would also say it’s that the skunk process starts in 5-10 seconds.

    From my experience I’ve never had a beer skunk that fast…but I have had some New Castle turn cat’s piss (I love that term) with only about 30 minutes of light exposure.

    Although florescent and incandescent can cause skunking…sunlight is the worst. So I would say to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible.

    GregQuallss last blog post..Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 9 – How to Store Beer – Part 1