Beer 101 – An Introduction into Beer Glasses

You’ve heard if from me before if you truly want to enjoy your beer, you have to drink it from a glass.   A beer glass is more than a transport device to get the beer from point a (not in your mouth) to point b (in your mouth). It allows the beer to engage all of your senses.  It is really the only way to drink your beer.

But what glass goes with what beer.  There are about as many different beer glasses out there as there are styles of beer (most breweries actually make a specific glass for each beer).  There are pilsners, flutes, chalices, mugs, steins, pints, snifers, stanges, tulips, wiezens, and red dixies.  Every beer style out there has a specific glass that is suppose to be paired with it (we’ll take a look at each one individually in the future).

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is a certain amount of science that goes behind the pairing of a glass with a beer (some breweries have been known to actually create the glass before creating the beer).  Each glass is designed to enhance flavor and aroma of the beer bringing out the unique characteristics of that beer.  Not only do they allow you to see the beauty of the beer, but they also assist in the development of the head of a beer.  Which helps to retain and produce the aroma of the beer.  Which in turn enhances the flavor of the beer.

There really is no option as to whether you should use a glass or not.  The absence of a glass is the absence of the full flavor of a beer.  And that…is truly a shame.

To read more about beer glassware and what glasses go with what beer, check out these websites:

  • Brad Ruggles

    Great post. I always know that there are different glasses that go with certain beers but I’m still trying to remember which are which.

    I always think the glasses you drink a Bock in looks kinda funny. :-)