What’s going to be on your coffin?

PBR Coffin

photo by: chrisscott

So I came by the post at www.hailtheale.com about a guy who had his future coffin branded with Pabst Blue Ribbon (you can read the whole story here). Anyways it got me to thinking.  What is most important in life?  What do I want to be known for?  If I had a chance to emblazon something on my coffin what would it be?

This guy’s 5 minutes in the spot light will be known for the fact that he loves PBR (he is using the empty coffin in the time being to store his beer).  Not only does he want his life to be recognized for this…but also his death (wonder how he is going out?).

I know I’ll probably never have 5 minutes of fame…but if I do, I don’t want it to be for my love of beer.  I want it to be for my love of Jesus.  I don’t want people to remember my love of a good lager.  I want them to remember my passion for the One that saved me.

That’s all I have to say about that.

P.S. – If I was going to have a beer brand emblazoned on my coffin, it would have to be Shiner Bock.

  • http://retrophis.ch chris

    Guinness for me.

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    mmmmm….Guiness. Guiness is good.

  • http://bklatenight@wordpress.com Brandon Kirk

    I don’t think i’d ever get a beer on my coffin…maybe a denver broncos symbol or the thespian symbol but not a beer.

  • http://www.bradruggles.com Brad Ruggles

    Man, pretty sad to have your life summed up by being buried in a giant beer can! To each his own.

    I’ve heard you talk about the Shiner Bock a couple of times now. I just checked and it’s not distributed in my area. Bummer! The fact that I can’t get it makes me want to try it that much more!

    If you ever pass through Indianapolis you’ll have to bring me a case. :-)

    Brad Ruggles

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    Brad: I think some day I might have to make a beer tour. I’ll make to take a couple of cases of Shiner with me for all the friends I’m making.