Happy Cinco De Mayo – Ditch the lime!

Corona Beer

photo by: plasticpeople

For those of you that don’t know, today is Cinco De Mayo (Mexican 4th of July). In my opinion, this is one of the two beer drinkingest holidays of the year (St. Patrick’s Day being the other). I know people get their drink on during other holidays of the year, but that’s just it…they’ll drink anything (beer, wine, vodka, ect.).

Cinco de Mayo has a heavy focus on enjoying a nice cold one.  Any holiday that allows me to enjoy a nice cold one is a good holiday in my books.

I have noticed a trend that I would like to try and stop. That is the connection of Cinco de Mayo with Corona. Now I’m not much of a fan of Mexican beers in general. I live in New Mexico (yes we are part of the U.S.) so I have my choice of them. But most Mexican beers just seem weak to me. They seem to be lacking a lot of flavor (or their core flavor is “suck”).

Then there is the whole lime thing. I asked one of my Hispanic friends once why Mexican beers always come with a lime. In his words, “My dad said it was to cover up the bad flavor.” I understand putting a lime or slice of orange with a good Hefeweizen to enhance the sour flavor. But putting a lime in your beer to cover up the bad flavor is like covering a burnt steak with ketchup.

So this brings us back to Corona. There are some of you out there that love Corona. It’s your favorite beer. If that is the case, then enjoy it. Each person has a different palate and therefore will like different beers. But please don’t hold up Corona as the crowned jewel of all Mexican beers. There are plenty of other Mexican beers out there to try that don’t need a lime to confuse your taste buds.

So my plea on this Cinco de Mayo is to broaden your beer horizons. Try something outside the Mexican beer ordinary (my recommendation would be Negra Modelo). Ditch the lime and make sure that Cinco de Mayo doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

  • sam barker


    My wife ordered a Carona yesterday. My initial reaction was to reach across the table and slap her on the forhead (like the could have had a V8 commercials, if you have seen those). I could not understand ordering a carona with as large a beer selection as that at her disposal…

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    @Sam: My wife doesn’t drink beer (leaves more for me :) ). So I don’t have to worry about situations like that popping up. I don’t know what I would have done in your shoes.

    I probably would have made fun of her until she started crying. Then I would have spent the rest of the night apologizing.

  • ortega

    Actually I don’t think corona is actually a beer. Much like a Koala Bear is not actually a bear. This may explain the lack of flavor. Mexican beers don’t often get real estate in our fridge. For the very few times we found a craving for some, it actually turns out to be more of a craving for the lemon/lime flavor; although the craving never gets dire enough to justify corona. We fancy Dos XX, on those occasions. It’s good with a lemon/lime, but doesn’t need one.

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    Yeah…Shannon doesn’t even consider Corona a beer…and as already stated she doesn’t drink beer.

  • http://bklatenight@wordpress.com Brandon Kirk

    The bartenders usually laugh when i put a corona in for an order :))

  • http://ethandemme.com/blog ethan

    Dude Cinco De Mayo isn’t the mexican 4th of July (That is September 15th)


    Oh and it’s fine to imbibe corona (and other water beers) when one is on the beach, it’s less of a diuretic and it clears the sand from the mouth.

    Remember there is a time for everything under heaven :-)