I just thought I would give you a quick update on what went down with the whole Coyote Ugly v. the First Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte Observer put out an article yesterday wrapping up the story.

The Coyote Ugly owner decided to not fight for the location and decided to cancel the lease at the location. The property owner Stefan Latorre sent out a press release on Tuesday announcing the cancellation.

The release came days after nearby residents and churchgoers flooded city officials with complaints that the bar would bring heavy drinking and unruly behavior to a corner shared by a day care center. It also came hours before residents were to speak about the issue at a City Council meeting.

Latorre also used the press release to let the residents know that their fears were based upon the fictional movie and not on reality.  He also went on to state that this isn’t something new to the location.

“The Coyote Ugly organization was, by far, the best alternative we had received for this space that has been the home of numerous bars, restaurants or bar-restaurant combinations, none of which lasted long-term,” Latorre wrote.

Latorre went on to say that he is going to continue to find a bar or bar/restaurant to fill the property.  In my favorite quote of the whole article Latorre tells the residents of the area,

We hope people who choose to live in center city will understand and fully appreciate the circumstances that come with living in a vibrant urban area,

Translation:  You people live in a freakin’ urban area.  There are going to be bars.  So shut up and get over your self-righteous selves.

You can read the whole article here.