Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 6 – Keep it the Same Style Stupid


I know most people have heard about the KISS method (Keep is Simple Stupid). I’m going to call this the KISSS method. My friend Mario shared this concept with me the other night when we got a few drinks together.

He said any time that you go out to get a few drinks to stay with the same style of beer. This will allow you to distinguish the different flavors in a beer from one brand to another. If you jump from one extreme to another, it is going to hinder your ability to really get the full flavor of the beer.

So the next time you go to the bar for a couple of cold ones, remember to Keep It the Same Style Stupid.

  • Erik

    I can sort of see what you’re saying, but personally, it’s hard for me to stick with the same style for more than 2 drinks. I find that I get “tastebud fatigue”, and that I need some new flavors to liven things up. When out at a restaurant/bar, it’s rare that I have more than two drinks, but when I do, I always employ the light flavor -> strong flavor progression. I’ll often start out with a pilsener, then maybe a cider (Strongbow anyone???), then finish out with an RIS or something substantial. Finishing with a heavy beer also serves to slow you down when you’re coming to the end of the evening ;-)

    Eriks last blog post..KTIS – keeping my family safe?

  • Brook Sarver

    Great tip. I’ve made the mistake with starting the evening off with a Guiness before… Not exactly a mild flavored beer. Haven’t done that since.

    How ’bout a tip or history post on the Brown Ales? Probably my favorite beers…

    Brook Sarvers last blog post..oh my…

  • GregQualls

    Yeah I could see how that could ruin a night of drinking real fast.

    I’m actually starting a new weekly post called Beer 101 next week. I’ll add Brown Ales to the list of things to cover. I’m also featuring Newcastle on an upcoming BTotW too.

  • Erik

    BTW – love the shirt ;-)