Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 4 – The Smell is Swell


Welcome back all my fellow beer drinkers out there. Before we got into the tip this week I introduced you to Gonzo Imperial Porter from the Flying Dog Brewery. It might not have been my cup of tea, but this porter is a 2005 Silver Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival (although it didn’t get any ribbons). So give it a chance yourself.

This tip is just a short one for those who are looking for the full experience of their beer. If you remember from BTotW #1, your perception of taste is drastically affected by you sense of smell. From some research that I did on the internet (a quick google search), your sense of smell affects the way something tastes by up to 75%. From some other research that I’ve done (listened to a podcast), it is said that your first smell of a beer is the most important. So how do we make that first smell of a new beer count? Use a coaster.

No this isn’t some random way for me to get you to save your furniture from unsightly rings. You actually cover the TOP of the glass with the coaster. While you are doing the four step beer tasting process (Look, Agitate, Smell, Drink), you cover the top of the glass with a coaster while agitating the beer (the cheap paper coasters from bars, Applebees, and the sort work real well and keep you from getting in trouble for making all you coaster smell like beer). Then when you go lift the coaster to smell your beer, all those good smells have been trapped for your smelling pleasure.

One other small tip. Unless you are using a really big glass, only fill the glass about 1/2 of the way full. This gives you room to agitate the beer without covering your coaster with beer. This also gives your beer room to breath. After you’ve tasted the beer, then you fill it up the rest of the way.

Until next time, whether you eat or drink do it all to the glory of God.

  • Vince

    I wouldn’t have thought you were a lager guy. I think at the beerean we can set a high standard and not call them ‘coasters’ those are ‘beer mats’ my friend.

    Vinces last blog post..You Forgot About…

  • GregQualls

    I have honestly never heard the term beer mat before…but my language will change from this point on.

  • Vince

    keep up the good work

    Vinces last blog post..You Forgot About…