Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 3 – Taste, Taste, Taste


A lot of what I have learned about beer has come friends, podcasts, and the One of the greatest tips I ever learned was from the podcast It is as follows, it takes three drinks of a beer to really know if you like it (I know I said it was my method in the video. That was a slip and I’m sorry).

Before you look at the reason for three drinks, go to the article on How to Taste Beer. There are certain steps to drinking a beer (Look, Agitate, Smell, Taste).

This one sounded a little weird to me when I first heard it, but I have found it to be so true. Here is the reason why. Drink one cleans your pallet from all the weird tastes that are already in it (for instance I have the coffee taste in my mouth right now). Drink two is for the retro-olfaction process. This is where you swish the beer around in your mouth and exhale after you drink the beer.

This process of exhaling is called retro-olfaction and will release retained stimulations at the mucus and mouthfeel level, but at a higher temperature. –

Drink Three gives you your final overall taste of the beer giving you a full experience of what the beer really tastes like.

Like I said I thought this was crazy talk. But as I started doing this, I noticed that certain beers that I thought I didn’t like after one drink I started to like after three. As a side note, this works for any drink: beer, wine, Dr. Pepper.

So here is your homework for this tip. Take a beer that you had discredited before and give it the three drink chance. You never know you might find that you’ve found your new favorite beer.

Until next time, whether you eat or drink do it all to the glory of God.

  • Alfonso

    Me encanta su consejos, y su pasión por Dios y la cerveza. Mantenga el gran trabajo.

  • GregQualls

    Thanks Alf!

    And let me translate what he said for all you non-google translators out there.

    “I love your advice, and your passion for God and beer. Keep up the great work.”