Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 2 – Pour Equals More


In the last Beer Tip of the Week, I told you why you need to drink you beer from a glass, but how are you suppose to pour your beer into that glass?

Good question!!! Here is how:

1. Hold you glass at a 45° angle.
2. Pour your beer aiming at the middle of the wall of the glass.
3. When the glass is half way full, turn the glass to a 90° angle.
4. Continue to pour the beer until the glass if full.

See another video here.

This will give your beer the right mixture of air and beer releasing all these wonderful smells that come along with great beer. These are some just general steps and each glass and beer are a little different (I don’t turn my glass to a 90° angle until the glass is 3/4 full). It will take a little bit of practice, but you’ll get it down.

  • Matthew Bellis

    As with the series of glasses that we seem to be in, why not show us the different glasses, mugs, pints, and pewters that beer should come in. Here is something, the reason why traditional pub pint glasses or Nonic glasses, have a bulge near the top is because that when the pint glass was introduced in Britain people kept dropping the glass becuase the average size of a persons hand at the time was rather small. So glass makers made that buldge so that it would be easier to hold.

    You might have to get in contact with me if you would like to know the traditional Bavarian way to toast your friends.

  • Clayton Bell

    I have no idea how I didn’t know about this blog until Renee Ann linked to it. Greatest. Blog. Ever.

    Big props to you. Keep them coming…

  • ortega

    Let’s see … 45 degrees, pour … nuts!! Messed it up. I guess I’ll just have to drink this one and try again.

    45 degrees … nuts! Messed up again. Here’s another one down the hatch. Third one is a charm.

    degreeees … poor. Up messed agin! Dis is owsome!

  • GregQualls

    Ortega: That would have been how the first shoot for Beer Tip of the Week went. ;)

  • Brandon Kirk

    is that why you’re a dork in it? because you had to drink so many till you got it right?