I challenge you to…a review!!!


photo by: Penningtron

I got an email from Brad Ruggles (of BradRuggles.com go check him out) asking the following questions:

On a side-note, have you thought about reviewing any micro-breweries around the country or having readers submit reviews? I came across a neat one in Nashville when I was there a couple of weeks ago that I might hit again on the way back. I would also like to know if there are any others around the country I could hit on my travels. Do you know of a blog/web site that has these kind of reviews?

At the moment I don’t know of any good sites for this (if you have any leave them in the comments below). Originally, I had thought about doing reviews of local pubs, bars, and micro-breweries. But there isn’t much of a demand for knowing about where to get your drink on in Albuquerque.

So here is the challenge. Send me the reviews of your favorite place to get a drink. Here is the info that I will need:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Web Site (if they have one)
  • What beers do they carry (brewed on location, local only, domestic, imports, everything under the sun)
  • If they brew their own beer, give us the best beers to try
  • Whats good to eat
  • What makes it your favorite place to go
  • At least one picture of the place (preferably with you in it)
  • Any other good information about the place (history, best/worst times to go, owners names, inside info, ect.)

When you get your review all together nice and neat like, you can email it to “reviews [at] thebeerean.com” (of course you need to format the address the proper way changing [at] to @ and taking out the spaces). I will then put your review on the site (ok some might not make it due to unforeseen reasons, but pretty much all of them will make it out). Depending on how many I get and how often, I’ll probably try to space them out a little bit.

There are some plugins out there for WordPress that will let you plot your posts on a map. I’ll do the leg work on finding the right one, and then I’ll post your reviews with them also having a place on the map. Then we can easily find a good place to get a beer no matter where we are (well unless someone hasn’t done a review for that area).

  • http://www.dsimmer.com Dean Simmer

    Hey there,

    I found you via Brad’s site and wanted to share this link with you. http://www.michiganbrewersguild.org/findbeer.asp. I have been to several of the breweries in the Detroit area and have some thoughts, etc. on each of them. I can’t write a good honest review of any of them tonight (it’s been a long week already) but I thought you might find the URL above helpful.

  • http://thebeerean.com GregQualls

    Thanks Dean. That site looks great. Dude if you want to write some reviews, I would love it. I think I found the right plugin, so things are ready to role as soon as we get some reviews in.

  • http://www.claytonbellonline.com Clayton Bell

    I’ll have to start frequenting bars…