Beer Tip of the Week – Episode 1 – Use a Glass


For those of you who have been waiting since yesterday afternoon, here is the inaugural Beer Tip of the Week. I know you have been waiting, hoping, and praying for this day. Well it has finally come. For my very first tip, I’m going to give you the tip that changed the world of beer as I know it forever.

When I first started drinking beer, I only knew of one way to drink it…from the bottle (just a side note. Iif it comes in a can, its probable only good for three things…getting drunk, fertilizer, and making beer butt chicken….mmmmm beer butt chicken).

Well through much research, and a little help from the wife, I learned that the best way to experience a nice cold beer is not from the bottle. The true connoisseur drinks their beer from a glass. Chefs have known for years that your sense of smell drastically changes the ways something tastes (that is why you can blindfold someone and plug up their smell they can’t tell the difference between an onion and an apple). Drinking from a glass allows the beer to breath. This also allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the beer as it engages your sense of smell in the beer drinking process.

You will find that this can drastically change the flavor of your beer. When you drink from the bottle (or God forbid can) you’re nose is limited in doing it’s job. I thought it was a bunch of crap until I started trying it. My wife bought me some pilsner glasses as a gift. When I started drinking my beer in them, I noted a remarkable difference in the taste. To the point that I don’t like New Castle except straight from bottle…the glass changes the flavor to much.

There are also certain glasses for certain beers, but I won’t get into it that much. To learn more about different glasses for different beer, check out the Beer Advocate. These guys know their beer.

So that is my first Beer Tip of the Week. Until next time, enjoy your beer.

  • Renee Ann

    Great episode, Greg! I am a beer novice, so that is a great new tip for me. I look forward to more episodes!

  • GregQualls

    I’m so glad that it was helpful. I kinda wanted to start with the basics and then move from there. Let me know if you have any specific questions that you have and I’ll try to answer them future episodes. You can email me at greg [at] thebeerean [dot] com.

  • Brandon Kirk

    hey…that dork at the beginning looks familiar…

  • Matthew Bellis

    I have just reached this site and yes this is my kind of place. There are a miriad of reasons as to why one should use a glass. Sight, if you have a home brew or a local brew that is relegated to the Ale category, you can end up with some sediment that is not at all tasty and will hinder the experience. The only way to safe gaurd against this is to pour it into a glass and leave the last 2 tblspoons at the bottom. In touch, pooring the beer is paramount to get those little lovely flower called hops to give off their aroma. I start by pooring down the side of the glass and slowly end up straight down, (perfect head). To get the aroma of the hops whilst one would drink is also paramount by not just the external smell but also when you drink. You see at the back of your throught the passage way from your sinus to you uvula is fill with tiny scilia that grab on to aromas and allows the experience to be that much more enhanced. Note that if ever you take a liquid from mouth to nose, it burns like internal acid rain. If ever you would love some help or feedback just e-mail me and let me know!
    All praise and glory to the Beer God, he is the only one nice enough to die for my sins.

  • Brad Ruggles

    Good tips. Like you, I’ve found several beers I like better in the glass rather than from the bottle.

    I’ve also found that the same beer tastes completely different in different places. For example, nothing beats a cold beer on a summer afternoon standing over a grill. It just fits.

    I look forward to future “Beer Tip of the Week” installments.

    Brad Ruggles

  • GregQualls

    Matthew: Some great additions there. Thanks for the helpful comment.

    Brad: You have to go watch my views on beer and grilling.

  • Vince

    I find that I don’t like un-filtered beer from a bottle. Has to be in a glass.

  • Vince


    link coming, love the concept

  • Brook


    Love it! Looking forward to more beer tips of the week. Thanks for saying what others of us don’t have the _______ to say!


    Brook Sarver

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